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YOX Series Oil Filling Fluid Coupler Hydraulic Quick Coupling With Thermal Protection Accessories
Sep 01, 2017

1.external drive, cavity for turbine impeller, the impeller is connected with the casing of pump wheel, elastic coupling on the motor side, coupling weight is mainly composed of reducer bearing.

2. auxiliary chamber, which belongs to the dynamic pressure discharge type, instantaneous overload protection ability, fast reaction speed, overload coefficient is low, can effectively limit the starting torque. 

3. The YOX series is a TD type belt conveyor special accessory products.

4. when the reducer shaft than the motor shaft is much thinner, best not to choose this type, also can take input, output inverted measures, to prevent the broken shaft of reducer. When inverted performance changes, but does not affect the use.

5. double speed or speed motor drive coupling according to the parameter selection at low level.