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What Are The Principles Of Matching Hydraulic Coupling?
Sep 15, 2017

1. To meet the requirements of the work machine drive requirements

2. According to the transmission requirements of the work machine optional hydraulic coupling.

Such as the work of the machine need to solve the start-up difficulties, overload protection, you have to choose the limit-type hydraulic coupling; need to adjust the energy-saving energy-saving hydraulic coupler. Efficiency on the principle of the torque coefficient of the pump. The torque coupling coefficient of the hydraulic coupling is related to the speed ratio. Speed ratio, high efficiency, pump wheel torque coefficient is small; the other hand, the speed ratio is small, the efficiency is low, the pump torque coefficient is big. Therefore, in the selection match, the pump wheel torque coefficient and speed ratio (ie efficiency) must be balanced, and strive to high efficiency, pump wheel torque coefficient is also larger

3. Energy efficiency principles

For constant torque machinery to select the limited torque type hydraulic coupling, not particularly need not choose the speed control type hydraulic coupling, because the larger the speed range, the lower the efficiency. For the linear or split line load conditions of the work of the machine recommended the use of speed-type hydraulic coupler, because this type of machine operation can be used to save energy, but not long in the maximum heat conditions Work, because it will waste resources.

4. Safe and reliable principles:

Can protect the motor and work machine in the start and overload without damage. For the limited torque type hydraulic coupling, the overload protection factor should be lower than the motor overload factor, and there are over-temperature, overload protection device. The use of speed control and limited torque hydraulic couplings in coal mines should have an explosion protection function.

5. Move the operating principle

Must be able to ensure that the entire system in the specified stable working conditions to work, not speed, do not turn, smooth operation, no fluctuation, speed sensitive and reliable.

6 with the motor, work machine (including reducer, speed feeder) to facilitate the connection, the principle of reliable

Hydraulic coupling and power machine, the working machine connection must be safe and reliable, easy installation and disassembly, axial size short speed and large size limit torque type hydraulic coupling must use the machine and the power can not be disassembled connection Way, and must ensure that the connection is safe and reliable. Wet, dust, cold, hot, flammable and explosive environments such as the use of hydraulic coupler, must have to adapt to the harsh working environment