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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Use Of Different Medium Hydraulic Coupling?
Oct 16, 2017

Advantages of hydraulic coupling of water medium:

1. Use water as the medium and save oil, which in itself is energy saving.

2. Because water is more dense than oil, the transmission power of the same size water dielectric coupler is 15% higher than that of the oil dielectric coupler.

3. No pollution after spraying liquid, can prevent gas explosion.

4. It is widely used, with large amount of use. Besides the underground equipment of coal mine, it can be used on machinery and equipment such as food, chemical industry, medicine, textile and other industries which do not allow oil pollution.

Disadvantages of hydraulic coupling of water medium

Gasification easily after 1, water temperature, water vapor gathered much more easy to make the coupling cavity pressure, if not release will explode, so water coupling medium except the fusible plug safety protection device is also equipped with explosive.

2. The water dielectric coupler USES the structure of the bearing outside of the sealing device. Since the water vapor is difficult to seal, the bearing is often corroded, which makes the bearing rust, and the card dies and the life is reduced.

3, to prevent coupling in internal steam pressure high explosive, coupling shell made of thicker, to 4.4 MPa under pressure and not burst, so compared with the oil medium coupling, not only the material is more, and shell casting are also improved.

4, water medium coupling failure rate is higher, life is short, MT208-1995 standard for scraper conveyor with hydraulic coupling reliability index regulation hydraulic coupling in the downhole operation average trouble-free working hours shall not be less than 2000 h, actually this index is also difficult to realize.

5. The surface of the inner part of the cavity needs to be corroded and increased the cost.