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Volume And Method Of Hydraulic Coupling
Oct 09, 2017

The working fluid of the hydraulic coupling is the medium for the transmission of torque by the coupler, and the amount of the liquid coupling can have a greater impact on the torque size and the overload protection of the coupling.

For the coupling of the same type and specification, the amount of liquid filling directly affects the size of the coupler's transmission torque.

Its basic rule is that in the prescribed liquid filling range, the more the liquid filled, the greater the transmission torque of the coupler.

When the transfer torque is constant, the more liquid filling, the higher the efficiency of the hydraulic coupling, but the starting torque will also increase, and the overload coefficient will increase accordingly.

Different types of actuators can be used to match the different kinds of power generators for different working machine requirements.

The volume of hydraulic coupling is the same as that of the specification hydraulic coupler, which has a certain range of transmission torque, which is called power belt, and this power belt corresponds to the filling range of the coupler.

Normally, the liquid-filled range shall be 60%~80% of the total volume of the coupler, not exceeding this range and not filling.

When the hydraulic coupling charging amount more than 80% volume, coupling in turns, rose sharply due to overload and booster, lead to the expansion of the working fluid volume, coupling of the internal pressure increases, will destroy the seal, causing leakage, even cause coupling shell crack, cause the damage of the machinery.