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The Working Principle Of A Speed Regulating Hydraulic Coupling Device
Oct 14, 2017

Speed hydraulic coupling based on liquid medium transmission power and realize stepless speed regulation of hydraulic transmission, hydraulic coupler is mainly composed of combined with input shaft of pump wheel, with the output shaft coupling of the turbine and the turbine of tolerance in the rotation of the shell.In the cavity filled with a speed adjustable hydraulic coupling, filled with working oil, pump wheel and turbine symmetry arrangement, their flow path geometry is the same.Work to decorate in the straight blade, round blade when prime mover drive pump wheel rotation, work under the action of oil in the pump impeller blade by the medial to the outer edge blade flow, forming the exit of high-speed centrifugal pumps high pressure fluid flow, the flow entering the turbine, turbine blades, to drive the turbine and pump wheel rotation direction and work in the turbine oil flows from outside to inside in the process of slow decompression, and then flow back to pump impeller entrance, where the transfer medium of energy is the work of oil, the role of the pump wheel is the prime mover's mechanical energy to drive machines. schematic diagram of fluid flow in the coupling.

Changing the full degree of oil in the working chamber of the hydraulic coupling can change the rotation speed of the output shaft without the input shaft rotation speed,When diversion tube mouth position as close to the rotation axis (that is, to pull the nozzle out) coupling working chamber of the oil ring the thickest, namely oil cavity work full of degree is the largest, highest output shaft speed at this time, when the guide tubes in a far away from the spin axis position (i.e., put the nozzle into), the most thin oil ring.In the working chamber, the oil in the working chamber is the least filling, and the output shaft is the lowest.The coupling device USES the electric actuator as the actuator to pull the guide tube to realize stepless speed regulation