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The Fluid Coupling Type T
Sep 01, 2017

The fluid coupling type T is the basic version for constant filled coupling. Such couplings are used in drives for different applications, such as, e.g., cranes, bucket conveyors, pick-up and pos­itioning devices. 

This coupling is particularly suitable if overload protection and vibration damping are required. They protect your drive equipment and increase the productivity of your system.

This fluid coupling is also available with two work circuits (type DT). The parallel acting circuits double the power transmission.

We offer fluid couplings with water as the operating medium (type TW) especially for potentially explosive atmospheres or with outer casing made of spheroidal cast iron (type TU) for use in operations with relevant material requirements.

Temperature monitoring systems (MTSBTSBTM) increase the availability of the drive and boost the productivity of the system.