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The Characteristics Of Speed Regulating Hydraulic Coupling
Oct 21, 2017

1.Speed control type hydraulic coupler can be under the condition of the prime mover speed constant continuous stepless adjustment driven mechanical speed, when the match with the centrifugal fan, water pump, the speed range of 1 ~ 1/4, when match with piston machine, the speed range of 1 ~ 1/3;

2.The adjustable speed type hydraulic coupling can enable the motor to start up without having to choose the motor of high power residual capacity, and can reduce the fluctuation of power grid load.

3.The performance of overload protection for speed adjustable hydraulic coupling apparatus;

4.Isolation vibration, mitigation impact;

5.There is no direct mechanical contact and long service life between the transmission parts of the speed regulating hydraulic coupling.

6.The speed regulating hydraulic coupler has higher transmission efficiency under the rated load.

Seven.The speed regulating hydraulic coupling device has hydraulic control device and two semi-axis, easy to realize remote automatic operation;