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Speed Regulating Fluid Coupling
Apr 24, 2017

The speed regulating hydraulic coupler mainly consists of pump wheel, turbine, spoon tube room and so on, as shown in the following illustration. When the active shaft rotates the pump wheel, under the joint action of the blade and cavity in the pump wheel, the working oil will acquire energy and be sent to the outer circumference of the pump wheel under the action of inertial centrifugal force. Forming a high speed oil flow, the high speed oil flow in the outer circumference of the pump wheel and the radial velocity of the pump wheel outlet, the inlet radial flow path of the turbine, and the radial flow passage along the turbine is driven by the change of momentum of the oil flow, The oil flow to the turbine outlet is also composed of its radial relative velocity and the circumferential velocity of the turbine outlet, flowing into the radial flow path of the pump wheel and regain energy in the pump wheel. Such a cycle of repetition, forming the working oil in the pump wheel and the turbo-flow circle. Thus, the pump wheel converts the input mechanical work to the kinetic energy of the oil, while the turbine converts the kinetic energy of the oil into the output mechanical work, thus realizing the power transmission.

The stepless speed of the adjustable hydraulic coupler is realized by changing the position of the spoon pipe and changing the amount of oil in the circular circle. When the spoon tube is inserted into the deepest depths of the liquid-coupled chamber, the smallest amount of oil in the circular circle, the pump wheel and turbine rotate speed deviation large, the output speed is lowest; when the spoon tube inserts the most shallow place of the liquid coupling chamber, the circulation circle is the biggest oil quantity, the pump wheel and the turbine rotate speed deviation is small, the output speed is biggest.

The pump wheel and turbine rotational speed of the adjustable hydraulic coupler have a certain difference, which is called the speed slip. By the viscous fluid properties, the coupling slip loss and the bearing friction loss will generate a lot of heat and be absorbed by the coupling device working oil. The greater the coupling slip, the greater the transfer power, the greater the heat generated. In order to make the coupling oil temperature not exceed the prescribed value, the high temperature oil must be brought out by using the oil circulation system, after the cooler cools back into the coupler, thus ensuring the balance of heat in the liquid-force coupling. The oil cooling method of the different hydraulic coupler is different, which is also a more important problem in the application process of the hydraulic coupler.