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Special Hydraulic Coupling For Crusher
Oct 21, 2017

Crusher is special hydraulic coupler variety are widely used, special hydraulic crusher coupling their common characteristic is the moment of inertia big, difficult to start, have a strong impact vibration, some positive &negative operation is needed.Most of the crusher's speed is low, and the crusher's characteristics determine that it is most suitable for hydraulic transmission.

1) whether the torque-limiting type or speed control type hydraulic coupler has this light engine load starting function, thus can solve the problem of crusher starting difficulties, especially the speed control type hydraulic coupler according to needs to slow delay start, more able to make the crusher in the process of starting smoothly and safety.Therefore, the imported ring hammer crusher is mainly selected for the speed adjustment hydraulic coupling transmission.

2) the hydraulic coupling is flexible transmission, which has the function of slowing impact and isolating torsional vibration. The vibration of the working machine can be isolated from the motor, so that the motor can not be damaged by the vibration of the main engine.For example, in a certain power plant auxiliary factory single roll of ballastless machine, used for crushing power plant boiler slag, not with hydraulic coupling drive before, because of work machine vibration is strong, and the motor bearing wear quickly, rotor contact short circuit burned, a few months in an electric motor.After that, it was changed to the hydraulic power transmission, and the coupler separated the vibration of the slag machine, and the motor was not damaged in the short term.

3) the hydraulic coupling instrument has the overload protection function, which can protect the crusher from being damaged during overloading and failure.Mechanical crusher is the most easy to overload, due to the feed can not absolutely uniform, is expected to block size can't completely consistent, so often the clogging, "mouth", such as fault, after using hydraulic transmission, after the malfunction can protect the power machine, working machine is damaged, avoid economic losses.

From the above introduction, it is best to use hydraulic drive.Therefore, in foreign countries, almost all crushers are driven by hydraulic transmission. In the domestic ring hammer crusher, single roll or double roll crushing machine, glass crusher, coal crusher, etc., also gradually adopt hydraulic transmission.