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Selection Of Upper Shaft Coupling For Reducer
Sep 30, 2017

The choice of the upper shaft coupling of the reducer The main consideration is to consider the level of the required transmission shaft speed, the size of the load and the installation accuracy of the two parts, etc., only consider these not enough, we also need to consider the rotation of the smooth, , According to different types of couplings have different characteristics, so as to choose a suitable reducer coupling.

Reducer on the transmission coupling selection can be selected according to the following points:

1, according to the size of the transmission load, the speed of the shaft speed, due to manufacturing, installation, load deformation and temperature changes and other reasons, when the installation adjustment, it is difficult to maintain the two axes strictly precise alignment, and there is a certain degree of x, Displacement and skew angle. When the radial displacement is large, the optional slider coupling, angular displacement of large or intersecting two-axis coupling can choose universal coupling and so on. When the two axes in the process of generating a relatively large relative displacement, should use the flexible coupling.

2, according to the coupling speed and the size of the centrifugal force caused by the size of the choice of coupling type, for high-speed drive shaft, should use high precision coupling couplings, such as diaphragm coupling, and should not use the existence of eccentric Of the slider coupling. Once again, when a coupling is selected for a severe impact load or a drive system that eliminates shaft torsional vibration, a high elasticity and good cushioning cushion and excellent shaft offset compensation performance are available for shock applications Tire-type coupling and so on.

3, according to the coupling of the manufacture, installation, maintenance and cost to select the appropriate coupling. In order to meet the performance of the premise, should use easy assembly and disassembly, maintenance is simple, low cost coupling. For example, rigid coupling is not only simple structure, but also easy assembly and disassembly, can be used for low-speed, rigid large drive shaft. General non-metallic elastic component coupling, such as elastic sleeve pin coupling, elastic pin coupling, plum-shaped elastic coupling, etc., because of a good comprehensive ability, so widely applicable to the general medium and small Power transmission system.