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How To Distinguish The Pros And Cons Of Coupling From Material And Color
Apr 24, 2017

With the development of science and technology, now many enterprise workshop equipment machines are automated production line operation, each machine and equipment reasonable cooperation between each other, not allowed to have any problem, once there is a problem, the entire production line should be discontinued, resulting in loss, I think we are aware of. Because of this, the mechanical equipment and various fittings are very strict requirements, for example, a small coupling, driving mechanical drive, it if the quality of poor, will cause low service life, flange fracture, elastic components wear fast, deformation, fever, noise, vibration and other factors of the flange aperture coordination is not good, will cause the master-slave shaft deformation.

The use of high-quality coupling mechanical fittings is perfectly reasonable, the recent time some small workshops produced by coupling, although the price is low, but to the customer to bring unknown hidden dangers, so for everyone to explain how to distinguish between the coupling color of the material and quality.

Porous metallic materials: Porous metal is a powder material, it has porous tissue, if it is immersed in lubricating oil, so that the pores filled with lubricating oil, and become oily bearings with self-lubricating performance. The toughness of porous metallic materials is small, which is adapted to smooth non-impact load and medium and small speed. The method of measuring radial internal clearance with clearance gauge is suitable for large and medium spherical and carb bearings before and after mounting. It is best to measure the clearance between the outer ring and the non-load roller. The fastening angle measurement of locking nut is an effective method, which can be used to determine the correct interference degree of small and medium bearings on the conical neck. The guiding value of the fastening angle A has been established to facilitate precise positioning of bearings on the conical shaft neck.

How to distinguish the material and quality from the color of the coupling? Coupling plastics: Commonly used bearing plastics have bakelite, nylon, Teflon, plastic bearings have greater compressive strength and abrasion resistance, available oil and water lubrication, also has self-lubricating performance, but poor thermal conductivity. Bearing the appearance of color can fully reflect the material of the bearing products, for most counterfeit bearing products, generally in the selection of steel and down articles. As we all know, the price of steel is also decided to bearing the price of a major reason, so some unscrupulous traders in the use of steel products, such as lower steel models, shoddy. Use of ordinary steel, carbon steel, MA steel and other materials, more people will also use iron pipes to replace steel products. Therefore, in the color of the coupling with genuine products are very different, these low-priced materials in the appearance of most of the color white, with the bearing steel in the green has a more obvious difference.