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Constant Filling Fluid Couplings
Aug 29, 2017

Product Description

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YOXm Type Constant Filling Fluid couplings
YOXf Type Constant Filling Fluid couplings 
YOXp Type Constant Filling Fluid couplings 
YOXnz Type Constant Filling Fluid couplings 
YOXIIz Type constant Filling Fluid Couplings
Constant Filling Fluid Couplings
1. Features are showed as following: 
1)Protecting electric motor and improving ability of the electric motor in mouser trap form. 
2)Shortening the period of starup; Reducing average electric current during the starting process. 
3)Lessening shock and vibration in startup Proven ting overload. 
4)Balacing loads of each motor in multi-motor drive system. 
5)Simple reliable structure. No mach ani cal wear and tear. No need for special maintenance

2. Applications: 
Belt conveyor. AFC conveyor, Chain conveyor. Screw conveyor, Excavators. Bucker wheel, Excavator? Bucket? Conveyor? ? Rinding mill, Crusher Coal planer, Tower crane. Gantry crane, Bridge crane, Blender equipment, centrifuger, Washer, Leather-marking machine, machine for recreation park mixer wire drawing machine, Extruder, dregs crusher of boiler, roller of leather Marking machines, plastic feeder, Rubber smelting machined, etc.