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Characteristics Of Speed Regulating Fluid Coupling
Apr 24, 2017

1. The speed regulating type hydraulic coupler can adjust the rotational speed of the driven machine continuously without the constant speed of the original motive. When matching with centrifugal fans, pumps, the speed range of 1 ~ 1/4, when matching the piston machinery, its speed range of 1 ~ 1/3;

2. Speed regulating fluid coupling can make the motor no-load start-up, do not have to choose the high-power allowance capacity of the motor and other original motives, and can reduce the fluctuation of power grid load;

3. The speed regulating type hydraulic coupling apparatus has the performance of overload protection;

4. Isolating vibration, slowing impact;

5. There is no direct mechanical contact between the driving parts of the speed regulating hydraulic coupler and long service life;

6. The speed regulating hydraulic coupler has higher transmission efficiency under rated load.

7. The speed regulating fluid coupling apparatus has hydraulic control speed regulating device and two half shaft, easy to realize long-distance automatic operation;

Speed regulating hydraulic coupler has a reasonable structure, advanced performance, high reliability, can meet the metallurgical, building materials, power generation and other industries long-term continuous operating conditions requirements.

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