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Characteristics Of Hydraulic Coupler
Apr 24, 2017

Hydraulic coupler is a flexible transmission device, compared with ordinary mechanical transmission device, has many unique characteristics: can eliminate shock and vibration; the output speed is lower than the input speed, and the speed difference of the two axes increases with the increase of load; overload protection performance and start-up performance, the load is too large to stop when the input shaft can still rotate, do not cause damage to the power machine; When the load decreases, the output shaft speed increases until the speed of the input shaft is approaching, so the transfer torque tends to zero. The transmission efficiency of the hydraulic coupler equals the ratio of the output shaft speed and the input shaft rotational speed. The normal working conditions of the hydraulic coupler can obtain higher efficiency than at 0.95%. The characteristics of the hydraulic coupler differ from the shape of the pump wheel and the turbine. It generally relies on the natural heat dissipation of the shell and does not require external cooling of the oil supplying system. If the liquid coupling oil vent, the coupling is in the open state, can play the role of clutch. But the hydraulic coupler also has the disadvantages of low efficiency and narrower range.