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Brief Introduction Of Hydraulic Couplings
Apr 24, 2017

Hydraulic coupling has mechanical coupling function, and has the function of hydraulic transmission, hydraulic coupling is the use of the input and output shaft coupling impeller (pump wheel, turbine) of the work of the fluid in the cavity of high-speed circulation to convey the power.

Hydraulic coupling has been developed into fluid power coupling with hydraulic and pneumatic components, which has been developed into fluid transmission and hydraulic, pneumatic components, liquid-force components, including parts, hydraulic components including hydraulic couplings and hydraulic torque converter, is universal transmission components, is also a mechanical basic products. It is transferred between the power machine and the working machines, the rigid transmission of variable mechanical joints is flexible transmission, which can improve the transmission performance (such as isolating torque, mitigating impact, limiting overloading torque, adjusting the output speed and changing torque, etc.), saving energy and so on.