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Application Of Hydraulic Coupler In Crane
Sep 26, 2017

Bridge cranes, gantry cranes and heavy-duty tower cranes have carts operating mechanism. The operating mechanism is a multi-machine drive, the use of hydraulic coupling drive, not only can solve the difficulties of starting, overload protection, the most important is to solve the multi-machine drive sequence start, balanced load and synchronous operation, its use is very good The

1: to achieve a smooth start without impact, especially in gantry cranes and tower cranes, can reduce the level of vibration, reduce the impact of the impact of the body.

2: to achieve a smooth impactless deceleration brake, especially for gantry crane, can take the first motor and coupling reversal brake, after the mechanical brake method, to avoid the impact of the reducer gear impact load.

3: easy to adjust when the cart is running, because the hydraulic coupling can coordinate the simultaneous operation of multi-machine, so the two sides of the operating agencies can travel simultaneously, to avoid "gnawing track", "undercut" and skew caused by the block , Crawling, vibration and so on.

4: to achieve low vibration and low noise operation, the workshop crane using hydraulic coupling drive, vibration and noise significantly reduced, is conducive to environmental protection.