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Application And Maintenance Of Hydraulic Coupling For Hydraulic Coupling
Sep 23, 2017

 1, installation and removal

 ① Couplings are usually made of aluminum alloy, regardless of installation and removal are not allowed to hit directly with a hammer. Installation should be in the machine and the engine shaft coated with grease. There are special installation and removal tools, if necessary, should be ordered when the purchase. ② Straight connection of the coupling should pay attention to test and correct the motor shaft and the working axis of the coaxial, flexible coupling coupling, coaxial tolerance should be less than 0.3mm below the larger coupling specifications, power machine The higher the speed, the coaxial degree tolerance should be smaller.

 ③ pulley coupling is usually cantilevered mounted on the power shaft, with tightening bolts fixed, tighten the bolt should be the opposite of the power steering.

 ④ The factory design of the coupling with a removable screw hole, with a special screw when the coupling from the top of the shaft on the power machine.

 2, filling and inspection

  ① The coupling liquid filling range is 50% ~ 80% of the total volume.

  ② Couplers generally use oil medium. Working fluid Recommended: hydraulic oil, hydraulic transmission oil, refrigeration oil, motor oil, mechanical oil. Coal mine application coupling with water and flame retardant liquid as the medium.

 3, security protection device

 ① fusible plug is the overheat protection device, absolutely can not use other plug replacement. Easy to plug can effectively protect the coupling but not overheating, but the working medium can cause pollution and inconvenience, the user special requirements, you can use two non-spray temperature control switch (non-contact wireless sound and light alarm device, Switchgear).

 ② explosive plug is mainly used for water medium and flame retardant liquid medium coupling

 4, note

① coupling output steering and power steering the same, the power machine can be reversed, but should avoid a sharp reversal reversal. ② regular inspection of the quality of the working medium and the elastic block of the friction, the timely replacement.

③ non-professionals are not allowed to disassemble the coupling, so as not to break the seal and balance accuracy.

④ Couplers charge up to no more than the total volume of 80%