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Advantages Of The Hydraulic Coupler
Apr 24, 2017

(1) has the flexible transmission automatic adaptation function.

(2) has the function of reducing shock and isolating torsional vibration.

(3) has the ability to improve the power of the engine start-up, to bring the load or no-load start-up function.

(4) The protection of the motor and the working machine is not damaged by overload protection in external load.

(5) The function of coordinating multi-engine sequence start-up, balancing load and stationary and vehicle.

(6) has the flexible braking deceleration function (refers to the liquid force reducer and the plugging the damping type hydraulic coupling).

(7) with the slow start-up of the working machine, the machine can start the large inertia smoothly.

(8) The adaptability to the environment, can be in cold, damp, dust, need explosion-proof environment work.

(9) The use of cheap cage motors can substitute for expensive winding-type motors.

(10) No pollution to the environment.

(11) The transfer power is proportional to the square of the input speed, the input speed is high, the capacity is large, the performance is higher than the price ratio.

(12) With stepless speed regulating function, the speed regulating hydraulic coupler can change the output torque and output speed by adjusting the filling volume of the working cavity in the running condition under the constant speed of the input end.

(13) has the clutch function, the speed regulating type and the clutch type hydraulic coupling, can in the motor does not stop rotating condition, causes the working machine to start or brake

(14) has the function of enlarging the stable operation range of the machine.

(15) with energy-saving effect, can reduce the start-up current and duration of the motor, reduce the impact of the power grid, reduce the installed capacity of the motor, the large inertia difficult to start machine application of torque-limiting hydraulic coupling and centrifugal machinery application speed regulating hydraulic coupling energy-saving effect is remarkable.

(16) In addition to bearings, oil seal without any direct mechanical friction, low failure rate, long service life.

(17) Simple structure, simple operation and maintenance, do not require special complex technology, low maintenance costs.

(18) High performance price, low price, low initial investment, short payback period.