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A Brief Analysis Of The Fixed Mode Of The Shaft Coupling
Sep 29, 2017

With the universal use of the coupling, the knowledge of the coupling is becoming more and more important, and now a few fixed ways of the shaft coupling are Shared.

There are five fixed ways of shaft coupling, namely fastening bolt type, clamping type, separation type, semi - separation type and keyway type.

1. Fastening bolt type: this type of low cost is a traditional fixed method.

However, the front end of the bolt is in direct contact with the end heart, which may result in an axial injury or disassembly.

2. Clamping type: apply the strength of the sinking bolt to tighten the slit, and hold the axis tightly.

Fixed and disassembled, and not damaged by a thousand axis.

3. Separation type: the unique feature is a fully separate axle sleeve, which can be fixed and removed without moving the installation.

4. separation type: this type varieties for clamping collar, separation will be used on the other side of the shaft sleeve, the side first axis fixed after clamping sleeve type, and then make the device will be installed the axis deaf-mutes in separation type of shaft sleeve.

5, slotting type: this type varieties like the bolt type, is the most traditional way of fixed, suitable high torque transmission, to avoid the axial moving, usually with the bolt type, and clamping type.

The elastic coupling can transmit torque and rotation Angle, while absorption axis device bias.

When the device is more than allowable, it may cause vibration or shorten the life span of the coupling.

So make sure the deviation is appropriate.