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Constant Filling Fluid Coupling

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YOXV Transfluid Coal Plough Fluid Coupler

YOXV Type Structural Drawing Content Transmission VII: 1.Driving Connection 2.Driven Connection 3.Longer Delay chamber 4.Outer Wheel 5.Inner Wheel 6.Shell 7.Coupling Hub YOXVTypes Shaft Coupling Specifications 1.Range of Power transmission: 0.05kw to 2360kw 2.Efficiency: 0.96 1. Features: 1.The...

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Standard of liquid coupling liquid

Hydraulic coupling is used liquid as a transmission medium to transmit power, the working oil temperature is higher, normal working oil temperature of 50-85 ℃, special circumstances allow higher.

Therefore, there is a special requirement for working oil, which has the characteristics of lubricating bearings and gears while transferring power.

The working fluid shall meet the following requirements:

1) appropriate viscosity.

The liquid viscosity is low, which indicates that the liquid internal friction is small and the flow resistance is small, which can reduce the hydraulic loss of the hydraulic element.

However, the viscosity of the liquid should not be too low for lubrication and sealing.

Therefore, under the premise of satisfying the requirements of lubrication and sealing, the liquid with lower viscosity should be adopted to improve the efficiency of hydraulic transmission.

At the same time, the viscosity of the liquid is required to be less affected by temperature so that it can remain effectively lubricated and sealed at high temperature.

2) higher severity.

Since the torque and power transmitted by the hydraulic components are directly proportional to the heavy working fluid, the higher the liquid, the better.

3) it is not easy to produce foam, aging and precipitation.

4) low acid value.

The seals should be neutral, have good compatibility, no swelling and dissolving, no corrosion to metal.

5) higher flash point and lower freezing point.

When hydraulic components working oil temperature variation is larger, sometimes up to 160 ℃ high temperature, therefore requires flash point higher than 170 ℃.

Freezing point is lower than 20 ℃ below zero, to facilitate the starting of hydraulic components in low temperature environment.

6) good lubrication performance.

The working fluid should have enough oil, that is, the working liquid can adhere well to the surface of the part and lubricate it well.

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