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Constant Filling Fluid Coupling

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YOXN Fluidrive Fluid Couplings

YOXN(YOX P/TVAL) Turbo Couplings With Constant Filling Quick Details • Structure:Gear • Flexible or Rigid:Flexible • Standard or Nonstandard:Standard • Material:Aluminium • Brand Name:Jintian • Place of Origin:Henan, China (Mainland) • Model Number:YOXN(YOX L/YOXR/YOXP/TVAL) • Input...

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YOXN(YOX P/TVAL) Turbo Couplings With Constant Filling

The essence of the limited-moment hydraulic coupler is the combination of centrifugal pump and turbine, consisting mainly of input shaft, output shaft, pump wheel, turbine, shell, auxiliary cavity and safety protection device.

The input shaft of the coupler is connected with the power machine, and the other end of the coupler is connected with the pump wheel;

The output shaft of the coupler is connected to the turbine at one end, and the other end is connected to the working machine.

The pump wheel on the coupler is symmetrical with the turbine, and a certain number of blades are set in the wheel.

The coupler shell is connected with the pump wheel to a sealed cavity, and the fluid is filled in the coupler cavity to transfer the power.

The safety protection devices such as fusible plug and explosive plug can ensure that the coupler does not have accidents when overloaded.

When the engine, through the input shaft drive coupler pump rotates, filling in the coupler cavity in the body of work of the dual role of liquid by impeller centrifugal force and work from the coupler body cavity radius smaller portal has been accelerating pressure into the pump wheel radius larger pump wheel exports, at the same time, the moment of momentum of the liquid in the coupler for incremental, namely the pump impeller liquid engine input mechanical energy into kinetic energy.

When a liquid kinetic energy of the work by the coupler export rushed to the other side of the turbine pump, fluid flow and impact turbine blades turns and pump wheels of the same direction, that is to say, and liquid kinetic energy into mechanical energy, drive a turbine rotating machine work and drive the work.

The working fluid that releases the liquid kinetic energy flows from the turbine inlet of the coupler to the turbine exit and enters the pump inlet again, starting the next cycle flow.

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