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Constant Filling Fluid Coupling

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YOXAZ Transfluid Scraper Conveyer Fluid Coupling

YOXAZ Transfluid Scraper Conveyer Fluid Coupling

YOXAZ(YOXEZL)Fluid Coupling Quick Details • Structure:Gear • Flexible or Rigid:Flexible • Standard or Nonstandard:Standard • Material:Aluminium • Brand Name:Jintian • Place of Origin:Henan, China (Mainland) • Model Number:YOXAZ(YOXEZL) • Input side d1max:55-210MM • Input side L1max:110-310MM •...

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Product Details

YOXAZ(YOXEZL)Fluid Coupling


1. Check whether the shaft of the motor shaft and reducer shaft is fit for the input shaft and key groove, and the output shaft hole is fit with the recommended gap of the machine shaft.

2. Leave enough space between the power machine (motor) and the machine (speed reducer).

3. Lubricate the input and output shaft, and load the key into the power machine and keyway on the shaft of the machine.

4. Strictly, carefully looking for positive and sought to control degree of coaxial tolerance, suggested that the motor shaft and the working machine (reducer) shaft alignment tolerance as small as possible (direct without elastic coupling or with elastic coupling).

Refer to the threaded hole of the coupling shaft to connect it to the working machine (reducer) input shaft.

Use a ruler or a micrometer to view the measurement coaxiality and adjust accordingly.

5. Tighten the power machine and the working machine with nut lock or bolt fastening.


1. Unscrew the motor fasteners and remove the motor first.

2. Remove the coupling from the reducer (working machine) and use the special disassembly tool (to consult Ultron hydraulic).

3. The rear end of the main shaft has a disassembly hole, which can be followed up after unscrewing the nut bolt.


Installation and disassembly reminder: the coupling shell is made of aluminum alloy, not too hard to use brute force such as hammer to avoid damage to the shell.

Do not disassemble the main body at will, to avoid oil seal, balance accuracy and other damage.

It is best to install in a well-ventilated, heat-dissipating site, and should also consider protective measures, spray and shell damage, as far as possible to install a strong ventilated protective cover outside the coupling.

If you are satisfied with our yoxaz transfluid scraper conveyer fluid coupling, welcome to wholesale the best quality, safe and durable equipment with our factory. We also welcome customized orders. Check the price list and the quotation with our manufacturers and suppliers now.

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