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Constant Filling Fluid Coupling

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YOXA Hydraulic Quick Couplings, Hydraulic Flexible Coupling

YOXA Hydraulic Quick Couplings, Hydraulic Flexible Coupling

1. external drive, cavity for turbine impeller, the impeller is connected with the casing of pump wheel, elastic coupling on the motor side, coupling weight is mainly composed of reducer bearing. 2. auxiliary chamber, which belongs to the dynamic pressure discharge type, instantaneous overload...

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The installation sequence

1.The coaxial degree and parallelism of the motor and working machine axis are more positive, and the motor and the base of the working machine can be adjusted by the gasket or slant pad.

2. Place the key on the input shaft of the motor and the working machine, and lubricate the shaft stop

3.Remove the connection disc and load the motor shaft.The coupling Ⅱ into working on board, and then coupling (coupling Ⅰ has been shipped on coupling) slowly into the connection plate and coupling between Ⅱ, for the original tags, to tighten the connection stud, then coupling Ⅱ and tighten the elastic dowel pin, tighten the anchor bolts must be guaranteed after motor and speed reducer shaft alignment requirements, then according to the directions of oil charge curve, check the corresponding amount of oil filled oil filling the job can be commissioning

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