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Constant Filling Fluid Coupling

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  • TVAE Type Fluid Coupling Manufacturer China

    TVAE Type Fluid Coupling Manufacturer China

    What oil does the hydraulic coupler add? 20, turbine oil, hydraulic transmission oil can be 6, 8, amount to 70% 80%, filling the mouth from the vertical direction of 45 °, can go to here just out. Too little oil can transfer power to heat easily, too much oil can leak from...Read More
  • YOXD Fluid Coupling Manufacturer China

    YOXD Fluid Coupling Manufacturer China

    Structure: fluid coupling Flexible or Rigid: Flexible Material: Stainless Steel Place of Origin: Henan ,China (Mainland) Model Number: YOXD Brand Name: Jintian Company: Xinxiang Jintian Hydraulic Transmission Co., Ltd. Email: xinxiangjintian_01 TEL: +86-15333730038 FAX:...Read More
  • YOXAZ Hydraulic Fluid Coupling Factory

    YOXAZ Hydraulic Fluid Coupling Factory

    Hydraulic coupler has the function of soft start, flexible drive, the belt wheel has the function of long moment separation, overload protection. The combination of hydraulic coupler and belt wheel not only has the above advantages, but also has a good effect of coordinated...Read More
  • TVVS Fluid Coupling From China

    TVVS Fluid Coupling From China

    There are three basic types of hydraulic coupler: common type, moment limiting type and speed regulating type. The common hydraulic coupler is simple in structure, without any measures of moment limiting and speed regulating structure. It is mainly used in the transmission...Read More
  • TVA487 Fluid Coupling From China

    TVA487 Fluid Coupling From China

    Jintian hydraulic transmission is a collection of hydraulic transmission machinery design, manufacturing, sales in a professional company. The company has a sound product quality and management guarantee system, and has obtained the mine safety certification certificate. At...Read More
  • YOTGCD650 Hydraulic Coupling

    YOTGCD650 Hydraulic Coupling

    1. Smooth start without impact, especially in portal cranes and tower cranes, can reduce horizontal vibration and reduce the impact load of the mechanism. 2. No impact on the smooth implementation of the deceleration braking, special gantry crane can take the first motor and...Read More
  • YOTGCD560 Fluid Coupling

    YOTGCD560 Fluid Coupling

    Speed-regulating coupler is a liquid coupling device which transfers power through liquid medium and realizes stepless speed regulation. The speed-regulating coupling device is mainly used in various kinds of fan and water pump equipment. Compared with other mechanical...Read More
  • YOXZL Fluid Coupling

    YOXZL Fluid Coupling

    How about the noise of hydraulic coupler? If the noise is large, first stop the machine and check the outer edge with your hands. If not, the other equipment problems are explained. Company: Xinxiang Jintian Hydraulic Transmission Co., Ltd. Email: xinxiangjintian_01 TEL:...Read More
  • YOXAZ Fluid Coupling

    YOXAZ Fluid Coupling

    What happens when the fluid coupling oil is added less? Less oil, first of all, oil temperature will increase, and will continue to heat up, easy to fuse plug explosive plug. Second, the speed cannot be picked up and the equipment cannot be driven. The normal operating...Read More
  • YOXVAZ Fluid Coupling

    YOXVAZ Fluid Coupling

    What oil does the hydraulic coupling add? How do you fill it? How do you tell if the oil is full? How often do you change the oil? Answer: 1 hydraulic coupler adds 6 or 8 hydraulic transmission oil commonly, 22 turbine oil, if add other oil, the thinner the better. , let 2...Read More
  • YOTGCD650 Fluid Coupling

    YOTGCD650 Fluid Coupling

    The use characteristics of hydraulic coupler are: 1. The hydraulic coupler can significantly improve the startup performance of the motor and improve the motor's starting ability. 2. Hydraulic coupler can protect the motor and equipment to prevent motor overload. 3. The...Read More
  • The Structure And Principle Of Hydraulic Coupling

    The Structure And Principle Of Hydraulic Coupling

    Runtime drive hydraulic coupler shell of the motor and pump wheel rotation together, the pump wheel blade of hydraulic oil in the pump wheel driven rotating together, then under the action of centrifugal force, the hydraulic oil is flung to the pump impeller blade tip, and...Read More
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