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Constant Filling Fluid Coupling

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  • YOXIIZ450 Fluid Coupling

    YOXIIZ450 Fluid Coupling

    What are the special functions of hydraulic couplers The hydraulic coupling is installed between the motor and the reducer and relies on the liquid circulation movement to transfer energy (torque) device. Widely used in scraper conveyor, conveyor, belt conveyor and other coal...Read More
  • YOX600/650/750/875 Fluid Coupling

    YOX600/650/750/875 Fluid Coupling

    What is the production process of hydraulic coupler? The entire production and manufacturing process of hydraulic coupler (hydraulic coupler) can only be completed through various processes and technological means. In the process of these processes, various equipment is...Read More
  • YOX400/450/500/560 Fluid Coupling

    YOX400/450/500/560 Fluid Coupling

    Inspection before installation of hydraulic coupler The hydraulic coupling is connected in series with motor and working machine to form a transmission system. The input/output hole, key, spout of the motor shaft, working machine shaft, hydraulic coupler, installation...Read More
  • TVVS Fluid Coupling

    TVVS Fluid Coupling

    The efficacy of fluid couplers Fluid coupler is a non-rigid coupling with liquid as working medium. It is often used to improve mechanical performance and can be seen in various environments and occasions. Specifically, it mainly has the following functions: 1. Use it as the...Read More
  • YOXVS650 Hydraulic Coupling From China

    YOXVS650 Hydraulic Coupling From China

    Hydraulic coupler is a hydraulic transmission device, ignoring mechanical losses, output torque and input torque equivalent hydraulic elements. It consists of two working wheels, the pump wheel and the turbine, which are the basic components of energy conversion and power...Read More
  • YOXN450 Fluid Coupling From Xinxiang Jintian

    YOXN450 Fluid Coupling From Xinxiang Jintian

    Application of hydraulic coupler in conveyor Hydraulic coupler is a kind of energy transmission device, in the work is mainly liquid oil as the medium, through the mutual transformation of mechanical energy and kinetic energy, so as to achieve mechanical operation. Fluid...Read More
  • YOX750 Hydraulic Coupling

    YOX750 Hydraulic Coupling

    Hydraulic coupling, also known as power type continuously variable transmission or hydraulic catcher, is the basic element of hydraulic transmission. It is essentially different from the volumetric hydraulic drive consisting of an oil pump, an oil motor and an oil cylinder,...Read More
  • China TVA866 Hydraulic Coupling

    China TVA866 Hydraulic Coupling

    Operation steps of hydraulic coupling equipment Machining is a necessary process in the production and manufacture of hydraulic coupling. No matter which machining method is adopted, its general technical requirements are the same. Each part should meet the requirements of...Read More
  • YOX1000 Hydraulic Coupling Manufacturers

    YOX1000 Hydraulic Coupling Manufacturers

    How to choose the right type of fluid coupling? Hydraulic coupling selection models need to match the main points of the content. (1) Type selection: the type of torque-limiting hydraulic coupling should be selected according to the matching requirements of the force machine...Read More
  • YOX1150 Fluid Coupling

    YOX1150 Fluid Coupling

    Hydraulic coupler is a common hydraulic transmission loading and unloading, if used improperly, may appear in the use of fusible race damage and other issues, so we need to pay attention to the following issues. First, the reasons for the damage of the fluid coupler fusible...Read More
  • YOXN(YOXP/TVAL) Turbo Couplings With Constant Filling

    YOXN(YOXP/TVAL) Turbo Couplings With Constant Filling

    Note: The capacity to transfer power of the coupling is roughly proportional to the filling rate, so the rated power can only be transferred by accurate filling. If the filling is insufficient, the transfer power is insufficient. 2. The overload protection function of...Read More
  • TVVS Hydraulic Coupling

    TVVS Hydraulic Coupling

    Design similar to type TVV, but with additional annular chamber. The fluid level of the delay chamber, the working chamber and the annular chamber adjusts during start-up. Extremely smooth start-up. Application of torque limiter type hydraulic couplers: the torque limiter...Read More
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