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Constant Filling Fluid Coupling

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  • TVVS562 Fluid Coupling

    TVVS562 Fluid Coupling

    Limited torque type hydraulic coupler is a kind of dynamic hydraulic transmission components, because of its high efficiency, simple structure, can drive the load to start smoothly, improve the starting performance, improve the starting ability. It is mainly composed of pump...Read More
  • YOTC1150B And YOTC1250B Fluid Coupling

    YOTC1150B And YOTC1250B Fluid Coupling

    Speed control type hydraulic coupler is generally installed between the three-phase asynchronous motor and working machine, it can be imported in motor speed under the condition of invariable, drive spoon tube to change its work by electric actuator cavity (pump wheel and...Read More
  • YOX500 Type Constant Filling Fluid Couplings

    YOX500 Type Constant Filling Fluid Couplings

    Flexible or Rigid: Flexible Material: Aluminium Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland) Functions: 1. Motor load free start-up 2. Overload protection for motor and machine 3. Effective shock-absorption 4. Load compensation for multi-motor drives Supply Ability Supply...Read More
  • YOX450 Professional Hydraulic Fluid Coupling Conveyor Fluid Coupling Type Coupling

    YOX450 Professional Hydraulic Fluid Coupling Conveyor Fluid Coupling Type Coupling

    Overview Quick Details Structure: Universal Place of Origin:Henan,China(Mainland) Payment terms:100% advance payment Packing:Wooden case Flexible or Rigid: Flexible Lead Time : Flexible Coupling's Features : Product Description 1. To equalize 2 axis relative...Read More
  • YOX650 Hydraulic Fluid Coupling

    YOX650 Hydraulic Fluid Coupling

    Both ordinary type and moment limiting type hydraulic couplers need to be filled with a certain amount of working liquid before operation. According to the demand of operating power, the filling rate can be selected in the range of 40% ~ 90%. This is because the transfer...Read More
  • YOX450 Hydraulic Fluid Coupling

    YOX450 Hydraulic Fluid Coupling

    Applications Mainly used in the mining, metallurgical, cement, chemicals, construction, building materials, electric power, telecommunications, textiles, and transportation departments. Quality Protect 1.Adopt Voith technology,same performance and function,still 1/10 ~1/8...Read More
  • YOXⅡZ650 Hydraulic Coupling Manufacture

    YOXⅡZ650 Hydraulic Coupling Manufacture

    YOXIIZ560 hydraulic fluid coupling advantage : 1. Applies to flexible drive shaft ,allowing a larger axial radial displacement and displacement. 2.Has a simple structure,easy maintenance . 3.Disassembly easy 4.low noise 5.Transmission efficiency loss,long useful working life.Read More
  • YOXⅡZ560 Fluid Coupling Manufacture

    YOXⅡZ560 Fluid Coupling Manufacture

    Fluid couplers are products that transmit power by fluid. How do they transfer power? There is no direct mechanical connection in the fluid coupler, and the power is transmitted entirely by the kinetic energy of the liquid. Without liquid filling, there will be no medium...Read More
  • YOXIIZ500 Fluid Coupling

    YOXIIZ500 Fluid Coupling

    The difference between hydraulic coupling and oil media The hydraulic coupling is a kind of hydraulic coupling used for working medium of water or incombustible liquid. Its structure is different from that of oil media couplers. The main difference is: oil media hydraulic...Read More
  • YOXIIZ450 Fluid Coupling

    YOXIIZ450 Fluid Coupling

    What are the special functions of hydraulic couplers The hydraulic coupling is installed between the motor and the reducer and relies on the liquid circulation movement to transfer energy (torque) device. Widely used in scraper conveyor, conveyor, belt conveyor and other coal...Read More
  • YOX600/650/750/875 Fluid Coupling

    YOX600/650/750/875 Fluid Coupling

    What is the production process of hydraulic coupler? The entire production and manufacturing process of hydraulic coupler (hydraulic coupler) can only be completed through various processes and technological means. In the process of these processes, various equipment is...Read More
  • YOX400/450/500/560 Fluid Coupling

    YOX400/450/500/560 Fluid Coupling

    Inspection before installation of hydraulic coupler The hydraulic coupling is connected in series with motor and working machine to form a transmission system. The input/output hole, key, spout of the motor shaft, working machine shaft, hydraulic coupler, installation...Read More
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