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Constant Filling Fluid Coupling with Water Media

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YOXDIIZ Fluid Coupling Transmission

YOXDIIZ Fluid Coupling Transmission

YOXDIIZ Type structural Drawing Content Transmission form IV: 1.Holding disc 2.Delay chamber 3.Outer wheel 5.Explosion protection plug 6.Shell 7.Connection shaft 8.Brake wheel 9.Fusible plug 10.Flexible element Quick Details • Structure: Gear • Flexible or Rigid: Flexible • Standard or...

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What are the advantages of hydraulic couplings?

Improve the start-up capability of the driving device and improve the startup performance.

Commonly used squirrel-cage motor starting torque is small, with hydraulic coupling is started, the pump wheel is only the load of the motor, motor relative to the no-load startup, small startup current, save electricity, drag the moment of inertia for large load are not chosen is much bigger than the rated capacity of the motor.

In the moving parts, there are inevitably ask gap, in the absence of hydraulic coupling, motor at starting moment, because the gap existing in the load is small, thus accelerate quickly, after being asked gap elimination, load abruptly on the kinetic energy big motor, caused the impact of the system.

After the hydraulic coupling is set up, non-rigid transmission between the motor and the load can absorb vibration and reduce the impact, so that the working machine and transmission device can run smoothly.

It has overload protection.

Coupling can achieve overload protection of motor and working mechanism, hydraulic coupling, with auxiliary chamber before on it based on the fluid in the outer load automatically adjust the working cavity quantity, thus play a role overload protection.

Balance the power output of each motor.

In the multi-motor drive system, the load distribution of each motor can be balanced due to the weakening of the mechanical characteristics of the driving device.

If you are satisfied with our yoxdiiz fluid coupling transmission, welcome to wholesale the best quality, safe and durable equipment with our factory. We also welcome customized orders. Check the price list and the quotation with our manufacturers and suppliers now.

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