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Constant Filling Fluid Coupling with Water Media

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YOXDAZ Recreation Machine Fluid Coupling

YOXDAZ Recreation Machine Fluid Coupling

YOXDAZ Type Structural Drawing Content Transmission III: single cavity outer-wheel drive type with in shaft coupling pin in elastic sleeve. 1.Holding disc 2.Water couplings 3.Fusible plug 4.Explositivn protection plug 5.Half shaft connection 6.Brake wheel This form is easy for mounting and...

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Operation procedure of hydraulic coupling machine

Machining is the necessary in the process of hydraulic coupling production process, no matter adopt what kind of machining method, the general technology requirements are the same, after each parts processing should comply with the stipulations of the documents on the pattern.

When there is no provision, the following requirements shall be followed.

1) after each process is completed, qualified personnel must be inspected to be transferred to the next procedure.

2) it is found that the defect should be processed before the process is transferred.

3) the center hole and screw hole must be preserved.

4) the clamping device must be retained or removed according to the requirements, and the welding blocks and spot welding parts required by the process must be removed after processing.

5) the parts of the front, burr, iron filings must be cleaned in this process.

6) after cutting, remove the marks of the preceding process and must be marked clearly in the appropriate position.

7) the edges of oil groove and oil groove must be smoothed and smooth as required.

8) special parts and parts with special requirements must be marked clearly.


9) the surface of the parts must be well protected to avoid bruising, scratches and rust.

10) the edges and holes that cannot be removed from the machine tool should be transferred to the workshop for completion, and should be reprocessed.

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