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Constant Filling Fluid Coupling with Water Media

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YOXD Limited Torque Fluid Coupling

Quick Details • Structure:Gear • Flexible or Rigid:Flexible • Standard or Nonstandard:Standard • Material:Aluminium • Brand Name:Jintian • Place of Origin:Henan, China (Mainland) • Model Number:YOXD • Input side d1max:60-120mm • Input side L1max:140-210mm • Output side d2max:50-100mm • Output...

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Product Details

Introduction of hydraulic coupler in water medium

Hydraulic coupler is a hydraulic coupling of water or refractory liquid.

Its structure is different from that of oil media, the main difference is that the hydraulic coupler can use the working medium as the lubrication bearing, while the water medium can not.

The bearing of the water dielectric coupler shall be sealed in front and rear, the lubrication of the bearing shall be lubricated by grease, and the steel parts in the working chamber shall be protected against corrosion.

As the working medium is water or refractory fluid, the water temperature will rise during the operation of the output torque, and the gas will be generated, and the gas temperature will rise and accumulate so much that the pressure will explode.

The pressure strength of the shell is also required in the manufacturing process, so the related experiment of hydraulic coupling of water medium is also different from that of oil dielectric coupler.

Our country is a coal power, coal mining is indispensable to modern equipment, in the coal mine, scraper conveyor, crusher, belt conveyor, water pump, fan and other equipment are the application of hydraulic coupling.

Due to the coal mine coal mining will produce large amounts of gas, by blower and exhaust can turn the gas discharge, but also completely impossible to achieve, if the oil medium coupling, once the overload heating spray, oil and gas meet, will be an explosion, is very dangerous.

To this end, China's coal industry started in 1995, and changed the oil dielectric coupler used in coal mine equipment to water dielectric coupler.

It is from this time that the design, manufacturing process, technical specification, test, safety certification of the hydraulic coupler in the water media must be strictly observed.

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